Thursday, April 24, 2014

Social reunification of limited bargain is not a change in better decision for limited review

Fair game is not always changing hope for better planning. 

Successful hope is not a change in absolution in an avenue of true bitterness.

The liberal condition is not a change in blame against its own solitude.

News is not planned skirmish of balched ideal.

A blame game for the luck of the Irish is not a change for the sport of human involvement in an electric fence of limited voice.

Nice days of human planning are not indeed variances of changed hope.

The toy on the shelf is sometimes a plan to be sold for a bargain.

Never Again.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

On Affirmative Action in 2014

Affirmative Action is like a sentence with a manner of limited blame for lost endeavor. What we need is Affirmative Review. Do not tape the admission to the changing society but take the changing society to the admission. This means we should be more mindful of not the color of the skin or the background of the financial attainment of the family but rather that we should indeed judge the candidates by their own eloquence and ability to work and cooperate in a multicultural culture. I agree we need admissions with true diversity and in my college experiences, this was a major blessing and experience of better hope. But judging based on some of the people who were in school and did not belong at that level of conversation, there are clearly issues with affirmative action that are destroying our own considered future in terms of betting on the best to be the best. We need a review process to keep the best in colleges and let the other children find a different pathway if they can indeed continue their education and blessings on other campuses or other job sites. We can not bring all children to every educational opportunity if they are indeed not ready or capable enough of the performance expected in the era that they seek matriculation.

- posted from entry posted on WSJ news site to a recent article on Affirmative Action. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Scouting last cause freshening of lapsed voice is often a treason of unforseen consequences

Scattered plans for bargain refreshment of anxiety relief never makes the higher plane of human attainment a staged voice of better consideration.

Scouted bastions of penny need anxiety never refuses all choice, but the era of a new hope is not a bargain blame of conspiratorious courage.

Bolt due is not bold interest when planned bolds are bolt planned.

Never Again.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Drunk liability is not always chagrined effect. Blown distant hopes of better practice distant views are often a blown asset

Reading limited voice against changes of limited experience are not change for better use.

A field of parlance of change for change's sake is not higher scrutiny upon the high deficit of limited ability.

News of changing distress is not higher fathomings of better use.

Trust does not beg for its own forgiveness.

Never Again.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Insight for a tasted future of hope is always good charm and right minded blessing

Fair game finds trust in a rightful internship of human interest.

Claiming to be an apocalyptic insider never makes the apocalypse a world event.

Needs of a changing discretion do not always fix every farm or every living.

A new era is a new day.

Trust in Excellent Markers of Human internship and better hope.

Never Again.

Social limits on peace are not always changing absolutions of voiced distant charged variety

Soul blessings are always a change in smarter consideration.  News of higher planning is not an energetic regression of limited activity. 

A voice with a new standing in its own coin of logic can be described in special fashion.  Voiced innocence is always found when minds are concealed against news of voided eloquence.

A blessing of time is always blessed with higher earning when minds are considered faithful for the long haul of true Voiced Resolve.

Western Hopes are often a complicated disfigurement when earning has its lost cause against new decision.

New hopes can be excellent.

Trust in Good Planning and Restorative reasoning.

New hopes are always faith with better consideration.

Trust in Good Charm and Excellent Return to True Eloquence.

Never Again.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Suave times with suave results are often suave fists with suave cedance of liberty

Fools predict failure of direct fitness for change.

Gold never means higher acumen.

Fussy days are not timed voice for attrition.

Blood is not unpredictable cowardice.

Hate does not firm its footsteps.

Gold walls are not caliber.

Never again.